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                                                   February    $ 23,351.64
                                                 January     $ 18,041.37
                                           December    $ 16,795,32
                                        November    $ 15,457.06
                                         October    $ 18,186.91
                                  September    $  9,705.47
                                      August    $  6,920.94
                                       July    $  6,523.40
                                   June    $ 8,721.65
                                 May    $ 5,719.39
                             April    $ 4,823.11
                       March    $ 4,033.69
              February    $ 2,508.28
             January    $ 1,481.54
      December    $ 1,060.80
    November   $   539.32
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  • Hi, my name is Nancy. At top of this page you can see the growth of my monthly residual checks. My income grew as I taught people this work-at-home business. To your right you can meet a few people who I either personally coached, or who were coached by someone I taught this business.

    I experienced great results with our products. When people saw my results they wanted to try the products. Others wanted to learn this business as they saw my income grow!

    My income you see above, is before our new CEO, and before our Nobel Prize winning scientist designed our new product. We have the exclusive on this product, and this Nobel-Prize winning scientist is on our company's Medical Advisory Board. So, this business is even better now! You can join us - what good timing you have!

    Curt & Karen

        Karen tried and loved our products as a customer. She started sharing the products with others to earn $1,680 profit in her first 10 days in a small town.
        As grandparents of 10 they had been nervous about their financial future. Their future is now secure. They now earn over $30,000 per month.
    Curt and Karen B., Boulder City, NV

    John & Marsha

    Marsha got involved in the business after great results with our products. John was reluctant, but was amazed at their income results right away!
        After 15 years with Boeing, John took early retirement. "We are now earning about $25,000 per month. We help others make their dreams come true."

    John & Marsha F., Auburn, WA


    Katie was a Vice President in the Fashion Clothing Industry. She wanted to be a stay-at-home mom.
        She now makes over $25,000 a month. "I am able to be there for the daily and special moments in my children's lives."
    Katie C., Southern Calif.

    John & Lezlee

    When John found this opportunity, he realized that he would have a mentor helping him. He was ecstatic. John initally worked this part-time. By his eleventh month in the business he earned over $9,000.00 while still part-time. John and his wife Lezlee now earn an average of over $20,000 a month.
    John & Lezlee B., Muncie, IN

    Brett & Amber

    Amber started as a product customer. When she picked up her 2nd order, she saw orders & money laying all over the place. She wanted to copy what we were doing.
        Amber worked nights. Brett worked days. They handed off child care duty between shifts.
        Brett was skeptical, but Amber quit waitressing. When she doubled Brett’s income, he quit his job to work with her at home. Their 4th year in this business they earned over $750,000 for the year!
    Brett and Amber B., Boulder City, NV

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